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Thursday, 16 June 2005

Not so crazy after all?

Mitch did some research and found a page on the berkeley website which discusses the possibility of tsunamis. "Similar to the liquefaction hazard areas, the most susceptible areas of Berkeley is an area south of University Avenue and west of San Pablo Avenue (see Figure IV-B-2). The most likely damage is due to tsunamis would be loss of property through flooding, with very little potential for loss of life." Uh, ok, so that's where I live. Mitch computes, "there's about a 25% chance u will need to go at least 5 blocks up from your house, if a 20' tsunami is recorded at the gate. u will have about 4 minutes if it's still going 200 MPH... since the gate is roughly 15 mi from your house."

I wasn't the only local to try to save their cats. And 4 minutes is not much time to run 5 blocks. However, it really seems like the cat could just go upstairs. The buildings that survived in Indonesia where the ones with solid foundations, built to survive earthquakes, like my house is built. Since Berkeley says, "The risk of a tsunami hitting the San Francisco Bay is estimated at 25 percent for a 20-foot wave at the Golden Gate occurring once every 200 years." I'm not going to worry about this too much. I think I owe Mitch an apology. Alas.

Speaking of tsunamis, folks hit by the real one last December probably still need donations. Unicef is a very deserving organization.

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