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Commission Music
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Thursday, 17 October 2002

Logging Activated Thu Oct 17 15:07:57 2002 PDT
Jamitch teleports in.
Christi says, "hihi"
Christi says, "albertsons.."
Jamitch says, "kio okazis?"
Christi says, "so, we went to the albertson's last night, and they were having a sale on candles!"
Jamitch says, "uh oh.."
Christi says, "they were only $.70 each!"
Jamitch :D
Jamitch says, "how many did you get?"
Christi says, "so, we got 20 of them. and as we're loading them into the cart, this overweight guy with a comb over starts staring at us"
Jamitch says, "ok"
Christi says, "and comes over and says "are you girls starting a candle factory or something?"
Jamitch says, "???"
Christi says, "and we're like "no" and he stares at us some more, and then says "well, then why are you buying all these candles?"
Jamitch says, "ok"
Jamitch says, "so clst kicked his ass?"
Christi says, "so celeste looks at him for a second and is like "my mom is dying, and we're buying candles to put by her."
Christi says, "no no. the ass kicking comes later"
Jamitch says, "so what happened next?"
Christi says, "so, he continues to stare at us, and then is like "you know what? those candles won't help. only the love of jesus can cure your mother"
Christi pokes celeste
Jamitch says, "ack"
Christi says, "hehhehe"
Jamitch says, "i think i met the guy before"
Jamitch says, "one night at that albertsons"
Jamitch says, "with jenny"
Jamitch says, "he said "hello young christians!"
Christi says, "buying diet coke and way too much toilet paper?"
Christi says, "heh"
Jamitch says, "and "praise the lord for such a beautiful night!"
Jamitch says, "we pretended not to understand english"
Christi says, "yeah, that's him. he started yelling prayer at us, and telling us that he could lay hands on her and cure her"
Jamitch says, "then clst kicked his ass?"
Christi says, "so we said that would be great because she was missing half her brain and was in a coma."
Christi says, "but he wouldn't commit to that, and just promised to pray for us, and if we just read our bible hard enough we'd be able to cure her"
Christi says, "and we said thanks, and started off with our candles, and he starts back into the "the candles won't work! put back the candles! you need the bible not the candles!"
Jamitch says, "christ"
Christi says, "oh, and celeste told him that they had a non resesitation order for her mom, so we couldn't pray"
Christi says, "yes, so anyway, celeste told him that her mom was scared of the dark"
Jamitch says, "fuck"
Christi says, "and he told us to get a lamp"
Jamitch says, "what a jerk"
Christi says, "it was fun"
Christi says, "he was hilarious!\"
Christi says, "and he kept yelling prayers at us"
Jamitch says, "he's lucky tiffany wasn't there"
Jamitch says, "hehehehehehe"
Christi says, "he was praying and celeste was smirking at him, and he told celeste that he really believed in her love of god, she was such a good christian"
Jamitch says, "HAHAHAHA"
Christi says, "and off course wanting to know how well she knew her bible"
Christi says, "which is pretty darn well."

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