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Wednesday, 9 October 2002

Matthew put little three-plug splitters all over my house. i need some of them around my parents house. i had to unplug the computer speakers to plug in the hospital bed and something else to plug in the oxygen generator. no entertainment around here. mom is in the living room, in a hospital bed. she's actually not acting very differently than she was a few days earlier. she was unengaged then too and flailed around her arm towards some invisible object above her and looked around concernedly. now she does all of those things but her eyes are closed and she sleeps real sleep more. The hospice nurse said, "I'll see you thursday unless your mom dies first."

The other shortage around here is concentrated frozen orange juice. my house is swimming in it. i had ordered box delivery of three OJ cans a week, but it was based on outdated calculations of how much oj i used to drink. so i cut it back to a can a week. that still is a bit high, only because i am lazy about washin gthe pitcher. if we had magic elves washing the pitcher, i'd drink a can a wek. so my home has a big excess and my parent's home, soon to be just my dad's home has none. or few. i didn't check. they always buy minute maid which is bitter and a cocacola product and i don't like think about pesticides, banana republics and opressed workers over my oj, sicne i drink it in the morning right off. i want to wait until after the comics.

Oj is also an afternoon drink. it's the ultimate in comfort food. it's full of sugar and empty calories. it's only saving grace is probably vitamin c and sometimes calcium, which i don't eat enough of. but empty calories are better than no calories. and i really want a glass of oj right now, since i've been crying all day. and i want the sugar too. Even the organic apple juice is all gone. i poured myself the last glass of it and discovered it was tea. medicinal tea t promote calm. so i drank it anyway.

I think I am going to esperanto class tonight. but i don't want to go to the opera tomorrow. i'm not even sure about class tonight. actually, i don't want to go.

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