Commission Music

Commission Music
Bespoke Noise!!

Thursday, 24 October 2002

Shelia detailed out her plan to me. It's genious boggled my mind. "It's so audacious, it just might work!" I exclaimed.
she just smiled her enigmatic smile and handed me another dossier. "This is the authoritative document on our adversary, published by the justice department. some of it is even correct."
I scanned it. "Ah, so he or she is named JK and was a belligerent in Columbia, fighting with the paramilitary. Officially, JK is our ally."
"Only because we favor an authoritarian regime. You know what JK planned for Flagstaff."
The dune buggy kept bounding accross the dunes of the barren desert. Suddenly, a shot rang out overhead. My revolver was in my hands in an instant as I looked for the assailant.
"We have you surrounded. Drop your weapons." A voice came through a megaphone. "How do I know you have us surrounded?" I challeneged. antoher shot rang out and my pistol was violently torn from my fingers. It had been shot out of my hand! A hidden sniper that skilled is as good as being surrounded. Shelia and I put our hands in the air.
A gentleman in a white suit, reminiscent of Boss Hog, stepped out from behind a dune. "So, Jane," he said with incongrous benevolence, "we meet again. You'll have to forgive me. My henchmen didn't recognize Shelia next to you and so confused you with a Mr Anderson."
That name again! "So you're letting us go?" I asked, burning with curiosity.
"Oh no, " Dr. cool laughed bombastically, "now that you know I'm here, you'll have to be my prisoner." He took a look at my jumpsuit. "I can see you've already visitted our common adversary across the desert. Too bad we can't work together on this, but I am comitted to avenging your murder of my father."
Dr. cool's henchmen pushed us into a windowless hovercraft and started across the desert. "I've always found him to be something of a boor." said Shelia.
A video screen clicked to life across from us, with Dr. cool's image on it. "Now that's no way to talk about your host. Miss Manners might severely berate for your lapse of ettiquite, were she as belligerent as some of my henchmen. some of them are quite testy about what yuou did to dad. and for that you will pay!"
Maniacal bad guys are the most difficult to reason with, but still, I had to try. "That video you saw of me killing your father was bogus! It was fabricated by JK to make you dedicate your life to evil!"
"I can aver that claim." said Shelia
"It doesn't matter. I avowed that I would kill you in front of my henchmen and I can't back down now." The monitor clicked off and gas jets opened around the room to a hissing sound. A purple-ish fog was filling the hovercraft. Is this the end?
As darkness overcame my sight, I cursed Dr. Cool, "May all your decendants be barren!" and the world faded from my sight.

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