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Monday, 28 October 2002

tiffany moved back in once the male Dentons departed. She and luoi are being really nice to me. They made soup out of all my tamaters. I didn't cancell my vegitable service, so my vegitables have been accumulating. They also made rhubarb pie, strawberry rhubarb pie and carrot cake with lemon frosting. Christi grabbed one of Brother Robert's pear tortes from the funeral reception, so we had a lot of dessert. Peole came over today (the date says monday, but it's still sunday night to me) and ate the desserts. It was the Kazes, T & L, Sarah D, Mitch, Brother Bob, GI Jen and Ed la instruisto. Mitch brought a clear plastic rat. We ate dessert and then all of us minus the Kazes went for dinner at Jaun's Place. Then all of us minus Brother Bob and Ed went to see Bowling for Columbine. The movie was good, but there's a long montage of news footage of people getting shot and killing themselves with guns that was very disturbing and made me shake a bit. Then we went to Gaylords for coffee, but Christi wanted to get home to sleep so she can work tomorrow. Mitch and GI Jen went home. The rest of us came back to casaninja and luoi decided to stay here, sicne she seems to live here part time. Sarah D stayed for a long time too. She read some Dykes to Watch Out For and then went home at some times, who knows when, all the clocks are screwed up because of the time change.

Tiffany, Christi's mom and I are driving to Portland tomorrow. What will happen to xena has not yet been worked out. Cathy (aka Christi's mom) has offered to keep the dog for a few weeks until we can return to claim her. Maybe Christi will decide to drive up. I need to go to LA soon. I don't know when we can come up. Christi complains that she has already missed a lot of work. When I try to get her miss a bit more, she offers to quit her job to make me happy, which I couldn't possibly ask her to do. I doubt her boss has hinted that he thinks she should quit if she misses more days, but it's a very effective way for her to get me to quit asking her to go to portland or LA or anyplace else. I must be more self-sufficient and go visit my greiving, elderly relative by myself. When my mom was alive, everytime I proposed skiping some visit with Catherine, the elderly nun cousin, my mom would point out Catherine's elderliness and say that she wasn't going to live that much longer (the cousin, that is) and imply that if I skipped I might never see her again. Catherine was younger than many of her relatives in her generation and she has outlived all of her siblings, all of her first cousins, including my grandma, and has started outliving the children of her first cousins. All she's got left in the catagory of first-cousin-once-removed, afaik, is my uncle. Anyway, I could try smiting Christi with the she'll-probably-be-dead-soon hammer, but Christi would recognize it as my mother's. And while I don't mind sharing many traits with my mom, I'd like to try to skip the mighty guilt wielding one.

Tiffany pointed out to me that "confuse" and "amuse" and "criticise" are spelled with 's' and not 'z'. Why do we even have a 'z' when it's so underused? Everyplace you think you hear it, it's just an 's' masquerading. Esperanto spelling makes a lot more sense. But obviously, since I am leaving for portland in eleven hours or so, I will be missing the next Esperanto class. Maybe I'll actually do some homework. Earlier tonight, I was yelling across a parking lot at Mitch, "Tifanjo kaj mi ne iros al la klasson se ne iros al Portlandon. Gxis poste!" Perhaps that should count as homework? I wish I could speak even that much Spanish.

I just lit candle number 5. It may be tha hand of God. the one before was St. Micheal the Arcangel and the one before that some nautical apparition of the BVM. If i spoke some spanish, I would have clue what these things were. I guess I could look in a spanish-english dictionary. Maybe when I get back. I'll prolly entirely miss the burning of the Lady of Guadalupe candle.

I went to the pet store to buy dog food and came home with that and a dog halloween costume. It's a royal cape and crown. Xena has been very mellow and has been wering it without complaint. Crazy dog.

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