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Commission Music
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Saturday, 16 November 2002

a funny thing happened when i was walking to my friend's car after the OtherMinds film festival (which was great, btw). I was walking up Market Street in San Francisco, away from Castro when I stepped over something on the sidewalk. My friend said, "Is that a Moog?"

So I looked back at the box i just stepped over and it said "Octave Cat" on it. I went for a closer look. No knobs. No insides, just a power transformer. It was dark and rainging out. I said, "Grab it!"

So now I have an empty Octave Cat cover sitting in my studio. It's in pretty good shape, considering. A couple of dings, but all the text on the outside looks good. couple of scratches below the keys (or rather, where the keys belong). It's a good looking case all in all.

And it could be YOURS for FREE! You pickup or pay shipping. This is a limitted time offer. The garbage collection comes one week from today. You may be thinking, "Why would I need a cover? I already have an Octave Cat cover for my Octave Cat." Well, maybe your cover has become illegible. Maybe you're looking for "street cred." Maybe you have always wanted a wild and crazy paint job for your wild and crazy sound, but couldn't bring yourself to modify your one and only cover for it.

What I have exactly: Top and sides (no bottom) of metal cover for an octave Cat (or so it claims) with a transformer inside (untested). All of this was recovered from the side walk of Market Street by Castro. If you see something with keys and electronics lying in the street there, I may have the other piece!

This lovely, hardly abused cover will go to the first person who contacts me. It is available for pickup in sunny Berkeley, California, USA. I may be persuaded to drop it by your place if you're someplace nearby and have a good sob story about lack of transportation. I can also bring it to Palo Alto residents, since I have an Esperanto class at Stanford and I have to go to Palo Alto once a week anyway.

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