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Commission Music
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Saturday, 16 November 2002

I am brainstorming on a name for this coming art movement. It needs to not be a pre-existing word in english or esperanto and should be free as a .com domain, if at all possible. We live ina world where the intrenet controls names of things to a high degree.

It's nothing more than post modernist-influenced fluxism. Every movement is some good ideas and a lot of hype. Even if your ideas aren't necessarily new, they might be good and will have a lot of hype. Historically, music lags 50 - 100 years behind everything else. But John Cage changed all that. With 4'33", he invented post modernism. He put music in front of the times. That was fifty years ago and pomo is just catching on the mainstream. Music was fifty years ahead of the times. We just need to stand still for fifty more years and we'll still be running ahead according to normal musical time.

fluxists were into speed. not the drug, the concept. energy, movement. everything was going somewhere. we're not about that. so we're not fluxists. but there's something very endearing about a violin in a bird cage that can't help but be an influence to me. speed is too eficient. speed is for the internet. i hate the net. i live on the net. i love the net.

so we're pomo. we worship john cage (just like the fluxists), but are not into speed. we go for the political message of cage. everyone can be an artist. dig it. everything should be automated. right on. overpopulation in art. a comunist and an anarchist agree on this. it's powerful stuff.

we exault doublethink. an idea and it's opossite are contradictory but one need not exclude the other. we mock pinkos. we are pinkos. we love and hate everything we stand for. we don't stand for anything. we are nihilists, but we do not practice or condone nihilism. we would be finding ourselves, but we're not missing and we enjoy being lost.

We are one-worlders. One planet. Many poeples. One second language. Many cultures. We embrace Esperanto. Universal access.

Just need a name. maybe some coherence. this is version 0.01. go esperanto. now we'll fill this up with slang. it disturbs me how doublethink me and people my age are. this here is the groovy zone. groovy is not a cool word. it's old and dated and thus is cheesy. so using it is ironic. which is funny. which is cool. so groovy both is and is not a cool word at the same time. everything is like that. Maoism. Sunday comics. Pancakes.

This is incoherent, but it is late at night. and coherence is good and bad at the same time.

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