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Tuesday, 5 November 2002

I just voted a straight green party ticket (except for Barbara Lee. Yay Barbara Lee!) and I get to come home not feeling like I've compromised my values. And my vote isn't thrown away, cuz I wouldn't have voted otherwie (except for Barbara Lee. Yay Barbara Lee!)

Anyway, I know that some of y'all live in the Bay Area section of California so I thought I'd mention my wifey's voting guide now that it's too late and you've already voted.

For that long list of judges to vote yes or no on, she actually went and read their opinions. she does more research than anyone. her political bent is such that, although she votes green, she won't register green because "they're too conservative."

And I'd like to take a moment to brag that Barbara Lee went to Mills College, a very small women's liberal arts college in Oakland that I also went to, but not at the same time as her. Mills alums are going to take over the world, but slowly, since there's not that many of us.

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