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Commission Music
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Monday, 23 December 2002

A few days of sun and rain and de-snailing and de-fungussing (is there one or two 's'es in fungusing?) improved the state of my xmas tree greatly. It's in the house dropping needles everywhere, even flinging them across the room. The cats keep trying to explore it, but the dog wants to explore them, so they're not interacting with it. They probably think it's a pine scented litterbox. Or is it fir scented? When your father-in-law is a forester, knowing the diference between pine and fir trees can be very important.

I was putting up ornaments yesturday and realized that my mom gave me almost all of them. The last candle that was burning when she was alive burned out yesturday. The holidays suck suck suck. Oh my, do they suck. If you see Santa, please tell him where he can stick his holiday cheer.

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