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Commission Music
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Tuesday, 7 January 2003

Calarts applications are due today. Well, clearly i'm on top of things...

The Fall 2003 application deadline is Monday, January 6, 2003. All applications which are complete by the deadline are reviewed by the faculty; those received after the deadline are reviewed in the order received if there is still space available in the program applied for.

I must resist the urge to call them tomorrow and ask if there is space left. No I should call them and ask if they think there might be space left.

So this leaves me with Mills, Wesleyan and maybe Bowling Green, but probably not, since none of the faculty's name rings a bell and it's in Ohio and the only reason I've heard of them is cuz they run a big festival every year that rejected me last year. I can't beleive that I missed the application deadline for one of my three main schools. aug, i don't deserve to get into grad school. If I don't get into Mills or Wesleyan, I'm going nowhere.

nothing is going according to plan. i had a big five year plan. i was on my way to seattle last june, as a part of my plan, to visit a studio run by a firendly woman i met at a confrence, when i got a panicked phone call from my dad. since then, my plan has been off track.

there is a gigantic blister on the middle finger of my right hand from adventures in bass playing (second rehersal of the new band) and from using oil pastels on the cover of an old pizza box. Did you know that Munch painted almost a hundred versions of The Scream and many of them are on cardboard? There's a Munch museum in Oslo with all of them on display. Travel broadens you.

My Wesleyan alum contact told me to try to get a letter of recommendation from Pauline Oliveros. I can imagine this conversation, "Hi, do you remember me? I was your driver at the OtherMinds festival last year. You've never heard my music, but I really need a letter of recommendation."

Or maybe I can use other famous composers I met at OM. "Hi, Annea Lockwood, I lent you a jacket and you sent me a record. . .." If I were smarter I would have given all of those people CDs. Missed opportunities. 20/20 hindsight. I'm screwed.

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