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Commission Music
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Monday, 13 January 2003

Giant Tortilla Xena!

I had band practice tonight. It was pretty low energy, partly since I'm kind of tired and also partly because we all stuffed huge pieces of foam in our ears because Chand, plays very very loudly. Anyway, the foam sort of overcorrected. After kind of a short time, we decided to come up stairs and drink coffee and have cookies. Chand was looking at the dog and exclaiming how cute she was. He said, "She's so cute, I just want to wrap her up in a giant flour tortilla. Not that I want to eat her or anyhting, just to hug her, you know, in a tortilla. That would be hard to find though. You'd have to find somebody with a really big tortilla stone."

What is it about drummers? I felt stoned just listening to him as he expanded on this idea further. This is a near-verbatim quote, btw.

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