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Monday, 13 January 2003

Instant Messenger One-sided Conversation

dahdah35: hi
dahdah35: how r u ???
electrogirls: fine. r u a dadaist?
dahdah35: what is this!!!
electrogirls: me must sharpen our airplanes to bayonett the heads of sumatran babies bang bang
electrogirls: dada signifies nothing
dahdah35: i dont know
dahdah35: !!!
dahdah35: so asl plz
dahdah35: :)
dahdah35: where r u :?
dahdah35: :/
electrogirls: Dada is our intensity: it sets up inconsequential bayonets the sumatran head of the german baby; Dada is life without carpet-slippers or parallels; it is for and against unity and definitely against the future; we are wise enough to know that our brains will become downy pillows that our anti-dogmatism is as exclusivist as a bureaucrat that we are not free yet shout freedom -
electrogirls: A harsh necessity without discipline or morality and we spit on humanity. Dada remains within the European fram of weaknesses it's shit after all but from now on we mean to shit in assorted colors and bedeck the artistic zoo with the flags of every consulate
electrogirls: We are circus directors whistling amid the winds of carnivals convents bawdy houses theaters realities sentiments restaurants HoHiHoHo Bang
electrogirls: We declare that the auto is a sentiment which has coddled us long enough in its slow abstractions in ocean liners and noises and ideas. Nevertheless we externalize facility we seek the central essence and we are happy when we can hide it; we do not want everybody to understand this because it is the balcony of Dada, I assure you. From which you can hear the military marches and descend slicing the air like a seraph in a public bath to piss and comprehend the parable
electrogirls: Dada is not madness - or wisdom - or irony take a good look at me kind bourgeois Art was a game of trinkets children collected words with a tinkling on the end then they went and shouted stanzas and they put a little doll's shoes on the stanza and the stanza turned into a queen to die a little and the queen turned into a wolverine and the children ran till they all turned green
electrogirls: Then came the great Ambassadors of sentiment and exclaimed historically in chorus psychology psychology heehee
electrogirls: Science Science Science
electrogirls: vive la France
electrogirls: we are not naive
electrogirls: we are successive
electrogirls: we are exclusive
electrogirls: we are not simple
electrogirls: and we are all quite able to discuss the intelligence.
electrogirls: But we Dada are not of their opinion for art is not serious I assure you and if in exhibiting crime we learnedly say ventilator, it is to give you pleasure kind reader I love you so I swear I do adore you
electrogirls: I'm from California. How about you?

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