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Commission Music
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Wednesday, 15 January 2003

More IM Converation

christopherff2002: Hello there.
electrogirls: saluton!
christopherff2002: How are you this afternoon?
electrogirls: bone!
electrogirls: kaj vi?
electrogirls: (i made new years resolution to only IM in esperanto. don't worry, there's a dictionary at that you can use to translate)
electrogirls: kiel vi fartas?
christopherff2002: Lovely.
electrogirls: bona. kie vi logxas?
electrogirls: mi logxas en Kalifornio
electrogirls: mi estas 26 jara ino en Kalifornia, kaj vi?
christopherff2002: How do you use the site?
electrogirls: log in as a guest. there's a dictionary in the top right hand corner
christopherff2002: password?
electrogirls: click on the link "click here to log in as a guest"
electrogirls: it's on the right, at the top of the list
christopherff2002: I don't have the time for learning all this at work, take care.
electrogirls: gxis la revido!

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