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Friday, 24 January 2003

More Private Email Posted for the world to read

Here is something for you to think of over the weekend:

It seems to me that when you girls were little you were pretty bad, or better yet disobedient kids. I wrote some advise for disobedient children, and called it Ode to Disobedience I'm not gonna send it all to you at one time. You will receive it in pieces.

  1. If you are riding your bike in the hall,
    And suddenly your dad appears on your way,
    Do not turn to the kitchen:
    There is a stone-like, hard fridge in there.
    You should run into your dad.
    Dad is soft. He will forgive you.
  2. Never, never, never, never
    Wash your hands, or neck, or face!
    Such a silly useless action.
    Your hands will get dirty very soon,
    And so will your neck and face.
    So, why spend your energy or time?
    It's also useless to get a haircut:
    When you grow older,
    You'll loose your hair anyway!

After your hands stop bleeding, write me what you think!

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