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Commission Music
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Sunday, 5 January 2003

Ok, I have to write a statement of purpose for my applications. I have a book that adviss me of things to think about (it also advises me to start my application process 1.5 years ago. arg)

  • How you came to be interested in a field and why you think you are well suited to it.
  • apsects of you life that make you uniquely qualified to pursue study in a field
  • experiences or qualities that distinguish you from other applicants.

etc etc. it's all dull and weird and hard. yikes.

Statement of purpose

When I was in highschool, I had to make a descision between pursuing a career in computer programming or in professional tuba playing. After getting advice from my tuba teacher, I decided it would be smarter to study computer science. In college, finished all the requirements for my major by my junior year, so I started taking music classs and got interested in composition. I graduated with two majors.
I started a professional career in computer programming, the plan I chose for eceonomic reasons. It wasn't long before I realized that studying computer science is interesting, but day-to-day programming is not. I had a hard time fitting in the the culture of sillicon valley. When I got laid off in 2001, I didn't look for a job right away, but instead evaluated making a career change to music, but as a composer, rather than as a tuba player.
Last spring I went to the Composing a Career Confrence sponsored by the Women's Philharmonic. Almost everyone else there had a masters degree and the presenters all assumed they were speaking to a masters-educated audience. Realizing I needed more education, I started looking into master's programs. Your caught my interest because of you faculty, especially [professor] whose music is very intesesting and whose books I've read cover to cover.
Your program is also interesting because of it's electronic music program. This is where my current skills lie, but I'm also interested in aquiring new skills in composing for pitched instruments. Since your program covers both types of composing, I hope to be able to hone my existing skills and translate them, while aquiring new skills, to more pitched composing.

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