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Wednesday, 29 January 2003

Political Past

If I were an ex-libretarian, I don't think I'd admit it on the first date. Maybe the third or the fourth.

"Do you want to go steady with me?"

"Yes, but there's something you should know. I used to be a . . . libretarian!"

Yikes! But I'm a socialist now, you explain. No longer beleive in letting sick people die or putting old folks out on the street or leaving kids uneducated. By the way, did you see the news today? Oregon Libretarians are pleased as punch that a new tax raise has been defeated, so kids will now have the shortest school year in the nation. It's the Mississippi of the northwest! (and how many Oregonian kids will soon be able to spell the name of that notorious spelling-bee question state?)

Well, ok, Libretarians claim there's money out there to pay for these programs. The state just needs to cut other things. No word on what these things would be. Maybe Oregon has a gigantic prison system like California and could parole people occasionally and save millions. I can't find the article from this morning's newspaper on the website, but here's a releated article:

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