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Commission Music
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Friday, 24 January 2003

Seeking full time employment

Tiffany's Socks


To find full time work, as a pair, with a nicer set of feet.

Employment History:

January 1999-present, Socks on Tiffany's feet
Duties: Sitting around all day, trying not to wear holes in the heels.

December 1998-January 1999, Socks in the store
Duties: Looking attractive and durable in a package.

Novemeber 1998-December 1998, Cotton
Duties: Waiting to be turned into socks.

We are seeking full time work in a pleasant, open work environment where we will receive frequent washings, as well as a steady supply of Kona. We have been recommended for this position with you by Celeste Hutchins.

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