Commission Music

Commission Music
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Tuesday, 28 January 2003

Status Update

  1. Mills College Application - due Feb 1st - status: first draft
  2. Woodwind dectet for Bowling Green - postmark deadline Feb 3rd - status: trainwreck after one minute, thirty seconds
  3. Women's Phil database of doom - due 2 weeks - status: not started
  4. women's phil research for composer biographies - due 2 weeks - status: not started

arg! I'm doomed!

I don't have enough energy for all of this. why did i agree to all these projects?

there's also a call for tapes for "radio" music in Taos. That actually pays the top three tapes. God knows what radio-specific things would have to be. Prolly compressed with stuff only in certain audio ranges. Loud, noisy stuff.

And the airwaves thingee is not going to write itself.

If I want to do an installation in seattle, the proposal needs to get written soon.

My name got on a list for doing a radio show for Minnesota Public Radio. I can certainly make time for that, it would be awesome. It might actually pay too, which is better than things have been. Apparently a lot of ex-dot-commies have been working on stuff for no money, living off of savings, or whatever. So I'm not the only not-slacking slacker, which is good.

I still don't have enough energy, tho. I'm going back to bed. Maybe I can have a few more hours of that oh-so-restful dream where my mom screams at me about getting crappy medical care.

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