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Commission Music
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Tuesday, 7 January 2003

Um ok, so what have I done since college. I had a couple of programming jobs and then I was uh consulting. And um finding myself. (Can you still do that or is it a generational thing?). um I travelled extensively. I volunteered for Other Minds. I wrote some tape music. I had a promising percussion ensemble which evaporated after it's first gig, since i didn't schedule any rehersals after my mom got sick. Um I flaked on a lot of things. Um, I learned esperanto. I worked on libretto which I couldn't finish. I played in a band that couldn't quite get it together and then broke up. I think I could put a positive spin on this... This is to give to somebody to write a recommendation anyway, not for the school, so maybe I can be a bit more honest.

After I got laid off, I started consulting, and did an installation at the second Wednesday art series at the Exploratorium but then within a couple of months Christi got laid off too, so we spent a few months traveling in Europe. Then, when we got back, I started volunteering at Other Minds, since Christi had a job there. I did some tape editing for them in addition to grunt work, of course. Christi and I organized a percussion ensemble and I wrote some percussion music and, of course, some tape music. I submitted tapes to a bunch of festivals, but only Woodstockhausen wanted to play one. The percussion group played at an opening for somebody's art showing at a cafe. I got some songs played on pirate and internet radio and Ibol Records put out a compilation with a couple of my songs on it. I wrote a max application that generated algorithmic melodies. I took an Esperanto class at Stanford and can now speak it, but not fluently. I had been kind of "finding myself" and things were really coming together last June. I was the web engineer for the International Iguana Foundation and Jack Straw Productions (Joan Rabinowitz, specifically) was interested in a trombone piece I wrote. But then my mom got cancer and I haven't done anything since except submit a score to Jack Straw for a toy piano nonette. They were supposed to let people know yesterday, but I haven't heard anything.

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