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Commission Music
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Sunday, 12 January 2003

Wesleyan Portfolio- disk A


  1. Airwaves #1
  2. Airwaves #2
  3. Airwaves #3

The Airwaves series will eventually include seven pieces. These were recorded in 2002 and are my most recent pieces of tape music. I had the idea for them while I was the driver for the Other Minds 8 music festival, after a series of conversations I had with Annea Lockwood, while chaufeuring her around town. We were discussing how somtimes electronic music that is recorded digtally from a direct line out sounds like it does not have an "air" in it. All of these pieces use a MOTM analog modular synthesizer and are mixed with Pro-tools. Airwaves #3 also uses a Midiverb and a recording of breathing. Airwaves #2 was played at Woodstockhausen 2002. The program notes for this series are:

Airwaves is a series of tape music featuring the sounds of analog modular synthesis. It primarily uses a MOTM modular synthesizer. Because the sound of this synthesizer is so naturally big, pieces in this series try to give the listener some space by creating music with more air in it.

Three Movements for Tape

  1. (de)construction
  2. Scape
  3. Leftovers

These pieces are my oldest. They were composed in 1997 and 1998 while I was a student at Mills College as projects for classes taught by Maggi Payne in electronic music and recording techniques. All three use sounds of Mills' Moog analog modular synthesizer. (de)construction also uses field recordings, mainly of machinery and other metal sounds recorded using pieze microphones and processed using the Moog and a Quadraverb. They were all recorded to tape and mixed with an analog mixing board. I used these three pieces in my senior concert. They got individual names when I posted them to

Name-dropping ok? this is not yet spellchecked.

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