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Thursday, 27 February 2003

If I can't get protools to creat a new session without hanging, how the @#!$@#$%@$%!#$%!% am I supossed to get data off my DAT.

Gear Review - ProTools 6

running on dual processor 500 MHz G4 running 10.2.4

Overall: crap

crap crap crap. crashy. it won't let me open a session this afternoon. who knows why not? i paid $75 bucks for this, over and above the hardware and software i purchased for the digi001. sometimes it won't open my old protools 5.x sessions. some times, when it opens them, it won't play them. sometimes it won't save changes. sometimes it chases after i scoot 2.5 seconds worth of audio around, right after i get it where i want it and before i hit save.

I should not have run the 10.2.4 upgrade. i should have gone to 10.2.3 or stayed with 10.2.0.

On a side note, the heater smells vaguely like gas and the holy candle that i'm burning cracked alarmingly. next the shroud in the temple will be torn in two and the sky will go dark for three hours and then, i guess, my protools woes won't matter so much. i'm going to go phone all of this into the TIPS program.

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