Commission Music

Commission Music
Bespoke Noise!!

Wednesday, 5 February 2003

to do

  • Research women composers for Women's Philharmonic
    Not started
    Due in one week
  • Write symphony
    First thirty seconds written
    Due on March 14th
  • Women's Phil database of doom
    oh my god. i am not thinking about this right now.
  • Move mp3s to so as to set up a replacement page for now defunct page
    I'm going to go do this right now
  • Email professer at east coast school about studying there
    I need to do this asap, but i think i should fix my mp3 page first
  • Set up biodiesel domain
  • Find cheep computers and software for Christi's non profit
  • Halt impending middle eastern war and replace US with a Socialist Soviet Republic

busy busy busy

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