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Commission Music
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Saturday, 22 March 2003

Me, I want a sousaphone

If you see a sousaphone or marching tuba for free or cheap, I'm looking for one. I suddenly realized that I do not want to take my lap tuba to street protests. Anyway, if you see a free tuba or sousaphone, please grab it or let me know about it.

I figured that renting one is as bad as buying one, sicne I'd still have all the liability if something happened to it. Obviously, I would endeavor to treat any member of the tuba family with the utmost care, respect and dignity, but street protests being what they are... I saw cops moving bikes and letting them fall to their sides. Then I had a dream that they dropped my brass horn! aieee! I woke up screaming. So I'd actually prefer a fiberglass horn, since they can take it with no more than a scuffing. Anyway, so if you see one even with gaping holes in it, I can fix those. Massive valve problems I might not be able to fix, but gaping holes are no problem!

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