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Commission Music
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Friday, 21 March 2003


Yesterday Morning

Most of the folks getting arrested looked to be around 19. Most seemed to be women. I think it would be a great way to meet chicks. They were /hot/. Being on the prison bus is probably better than watching TATU on TV. (I've just learned that TATU is not really lesbians. They're faking it for marketting purposes. I'm devestated.)

Wednesday in Oakland

The alarming looking gun I saw near the federal building was for teargas. I saw a lot more of them yesterday.

Tuba playing

the band I briefly played tuba with is mentioned in the Chronicle today:

The Brass Liberation Orchestra marched in and out of every intersection they could reach, blasting songs like, "Get Up, Stand Up." At Beale and Market streets, even the cops stared agog while the 20-piece ensemble oom-pah-pahed right past their stiff ranks.

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