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Sunday, 30 March 2003

Remember Satire?

It used to be that if you put shopping bag handles on an image of a flag, you were mocking capitalism, but now it's a patriotic-shopping campaign. It used to be that if you put the president's name on a button that says, "You're with me or with the enemy," that you were mocking his tendencies towards autocracy. I hope this site is a joke, but if it's not, folks, it's time to flee the country. By the time it's obvious that you need to flee right then, it's too late. You have to get out before it's 100% certain. The political discourse has shifted rightward to where it's considered real politcal debate to suggest that the opposition be put in jail.

Will Bush win the elction in 2004? As far as you know. Did your electronic voting machine give you a reciept? Is there any kind of paper trail? Guess who owns the companies that make voting machines!

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