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Sunday, 16 March 2003


Got an acceptance letter from Mills College. Worked a tiny bit on music for April 9th. I must start composing at top speed soon. I procrastinate way too much. It's wonder that I've written any music at all since school. Then I went to see my dad to get my thin mints and to write thank you notes for donations made to the Carmelite Nuns in memory of my mother. I guess they're praying to get her out of purgatory. That takes a lot of weight off my shoulders. Still, the popularity-contests aspect of it is troubling on a spiritual level. The catholic faith is way too complicated. I asked my dad if he wanted to go to Mitch's party and he said no cuz he didn't want to be the oldest person there by 30 years. He would have been.

So I went to Mitch's party and with that conversation, I'm glad my dad wasn't there. I've decided that it's not the presence of sexy lesbians that makes the het folks talk about sex. I think they just talk about sex all the time. It seems to be much more complicated for them. More negotiations, misunderstanding, disappointments. Or maybe that's just sex and the single girl of any orientation. Who knows. At least they're very enthusiastic about it.

Other conversations centered around parodying communion. It made me uncomfortable even though I'm all for the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, but they seem to just lampoon the camp aspects. Anyway.

i also downloaded the Camino browser yesterday, because I can never learn the lessons against upgrading. First of all, why did they change the name from "Chimera"? do they not want people to recognize the name? All of Mozilla seems to be deeply confused about brand identity. Why do they have so many redundant projects with so many names? Why not just have it all be Mozilla with some different install options? Then everyone would be using the same words to talk about the same project and they'd have brand-identity and people would care about them. Having fewer projects competing with each other might be smart too. How many macintosh browsers can one group produce? No wonder they're soliciting donations. AOL is begging me for money. Unsurprising, really. I hope nobody gives them any. Yes, I know they don't actually pay the developers anymore and stuff. but I'm not sending my cash off to a gigantic corporation as a donation! Um, anyway, back to the point, the arrow keys don't work in text areas. apparently the new name means new bugs. Yay. Why did they name it after the half-car/half-pickup? Or is it a reference to the minimall hell that is El Camino Real? It doesn't make sense at all.

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