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Wednesday 23 April 2003

Learn Language Audio Course

Man, those things are useless. what's the gender of the noun? who knows? but my suitcase is on the train! (oh no!)

Piece idea: Audio course in esperanto. starts out straightforward with sections you would expect. "Section 1 - Greetings" "Aro Unu - Salutojn" But starts getting progressively stranger. and the "boing" between sections gets more elaborate, until it starts overlapping with the language section and turns into full pieces of music. "boooing zooom bewww bweeee excuse me, my hamster is rabid..." etc. all of this will be microtonal, of course...

I need a fluent esperanto collaborator. i wonder if ed would do it?

wait, maybe i should do it in german, since i'll have to take a test in it. Verzeihung! Mein Hamster hat die Tollwut. (I wonder if "rabies" will be on the exam...)

Joanna Russ, author of The Female Man, did a funny, short phrasebook for interstellar travellers. It has phrases like, "That is my travelling companion. It is not a tip. I will call the manager." It would be perfect, especially with "hello", "goodbye", "nice to meet you" spliced in at the beginning. The language would have to be Esperanto or Klingon or something, since a national language might be offensive in that context. I wonder if she would go for it.

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