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Friday 11 April 2003


So a couple of days ago I went for a haircut in the Freemont district of Seattle. I kept telling people that the statue there was funny because whomever the illustrious personage that the statue was erected in honor of looked a lot like Lenin in it's rendition. Today, I went back to the district to eat a vegan freindly co-op and went over to see who the statue was really of. It's Lenin. There's a monumental statue of Lenin in Seattle. I kept telling folks that I suspected that Seattle was left of San Francisco.

But, perhaps in the spirit of capitalism, the staue is for sale. For $250,000, you can have a stue of Lenin emerging from gunas and flames. One of the only statues where he is depicted as a revolutionary rather than an intullectual. If only I had an extra quarter of a million dollars for a monument to Communism.

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