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Saturday 3 May 2003

Band Practice

Rehersal with the flute band went for four hours today. 4.25 hours, actually. That's a long time to be pressing a scab to a string. And I had an important realization: I like Tammy's bass a lot more than I like my bass. I thought it was 3/4 size, but it's actually the same, but the neck is narrower, so it feels smaller and is easier to play. But maybe it is smaller than a fretless would normally be. Anyway, it has a great sound and is very comfortable. My bass is theoretically considered to be better than hers. Maybe she'll trade. OTOH, my grandma gave me my bass as a graduation present, from highschool. Everything becomes sentimental when it's a gift from a dead person. I have a copy of the book Lonesome Dove, which I have zero desire to read, but don't want to get rid of because my mom lent it to me. Anyway, maybe I could trade something else to Tammy for her bass, like a semi-functional church organ. Or we could just trade while I'm at school with an option to trade back later? Perhaps I should discuss this with her instead of rambling on about it in my blog.

My other band, Tennis Roberts may or may not have a gig tomorrow night, but I have no idea because Mitch has not called or emailed. I guess I'll find out tomorrow morning when we're hanging installations in the castro for the IDEA Ensemble as a part of the thingamajigs festival. It's a very musical weekend. Anyway, if it turns out that TR will be playing tomorrow night, I'll be playing Tammy's bass! Isn't that exciting? It would be nice if I knew, cuz we could make an email list and tell folks, and maybe somebody could make little quarter-size flyers about the band with contact info, so that if anybody wanted to book us or something, they could do that. It's the sort of thing you want to know ahead of time. *cough*cough*

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