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Sunday 18 May 2003

First Gig

So Tennis Roberts had it's first gig last night. We were originally scheduled to play for one half hour at 9:00. But then Jennifer, the client, was talking to the Fez Tones, the band after us, about what time they would start. they had been scheduled for 9:00 and didn't want to start later than that, Jennifer explained on the phone. Could we play at midnight instead?

This being a graduation party, there was a risk that everyone would leave before midnight, but we agreed to the move, deciding that it meant that we were headlining. Yeah, that's the ticket. So we hauled our stuff over at 6:00 and then went to get dinner and came back around 8:00 or 9:00 and started drinking beer. I was wearing a blue glitter shirt, silver pants and a fedora. How often do you get to wear silver pants? Ususally Christi won't let me out of the house with them on. I have to wear them at least 5 more times before they pay for themselves. Anyway, around 11:00, GI Jen showed up with her new girlfriend, who seems to be very nice. Apparently, she's a Libretarian. We talked about that before she arrived. Mitch says that libretarians are just confused anarchists.

At midnight, the Fez Tones played an encore and then started packing it in. we started setting up our stuff, and they were surprised. "Whoah! There's a third band??" So they announced that we would be on shortly. We set up and started playing to the 10 or 15 people still at the party. Christi was trying to convince Gi Jen and Nicole, her sweetie, to yell out silly song names and suiggest that we play them. They weren't going for it, because, apparently, it sounded as if we actually had written songs to play and weren't just making it up as went along. But they shouted out some rediculous name, like "The Haggis Resistance" and we said ok and exhaustedly played something. It was dern late.

Very soon, though, the only people left were our entourage + Micheal, the guy who works at the cafe and the clean up crew. So we serenaded the clean up crew for an hour and then packed it in when Ian, who is graduating and hence the reason for the party, announced that he was going to bed.

I think we're the ultimate band to play at a party, since there are no acoustic elements, we can play at any volume. Need something about the level of your stero? We can do that. Need ear-splittingly loud music for a final going-awa-y piss off the damn neighbors party? We can do that.

No rehersal today, which is good, because Friday I played bass for 4 or 5 hours with the flute band, and thursday was Tennis Roberts rehersal and wednesday was four or five hours with the flute band and my back is really starting to get tweaked. I got a lifting belt yesterday so the sousaphone won't screw up my lower back. Anyway, today is a no bass or tuba day. I'm just going to relax, edit the recordings from last night's gig and study Just Intontation and maybe try some song writing with solresol. sicne I slept till noon and it's too late to go to the beach.

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