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Thursday 8 May 2003


I've been pretty happy the last week. Actually happy. Colors are bright and whatnot. Yesterday, was take yer girlfreind to work day for Christi. I had a large amount of caffeine and then typed many, many OM surverys into the database at record speed. Then I ran cables for a new printer, through the ceiling. Acoustical tiles are nasty. Installed all the software. Went home. Showered twice, trying to get acoustical tile ick off of myself. then I started duct taping suspicious looking soldier joints on my sousaphone. Anything green, gets wrapped up. This is improving the sound tremendously. After I get it taped up, I am strongly considering painting it a sparkly purple color. Spray paint certainly won't hurt the sound any.

Today, I am suppossed to go to LA to visit my cousin. I must go pack.

Even if I'm happy, my blog posts are still boring. I'll try to lead a more exciting life.

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