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Saturday 17 May 2003


So in this last week, I went to go see the Chapel of the Chimes, since Christi will be making music there. And I added it to my list of of cool free tourist attractions in the East Bay. Also this week, Autumn and Steven came to dinner. It was oodles of fun. I'm thinking I should try to have dinner with someone once a week. Autumn has a vibraphone. That's a marimba-like instrument with a motor attached, which causes it to make a wah-wah-wah sound. It's cool. It's a jazz instument, usually.

So yesterday, I was IMing Ellen about her plans to come down here and she mocked me for wanting to see the Matrix. Aren't there a lot of new music concerts in the Bay Area? she asked. Alas. Thus shamed, I decided that instead of seeing the mainstream, popularly hyped fare, I would free my mind and do something different than those in control wanted me to do. (I like cheesy irony. Really. I took the red pill and saw a concert instead.)

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