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Tuesday 6 May 2003

Working On

I sent a copy of Airwaves #1 to hAmsterdam for a prize competition thingee. I don't think they'll pick me. the lady at the post office was encouraging though. I spent an hour at the post office. There was a long line. And then I found I had to fill out customs forms explaining what I was mailing off to the Netherlands.

And I recorded some sounds for Tennis Roberts. but it's also going to be it's own piece of music called Grinding Pink, which is a rough title and very rough draft of audio.

Ellen Fullman, famous composer called the house this morning. It's exciting getting calls from important composers. Just as an aside, my voice just sounds funny in the morning. If I'm asleep, I don't answer the phone. I never answer the phone unless I want to talk to folks. It's all the air pollution and my chain smoking that tweaks my voice.

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Commission Music
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