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Thursday 22 May 2003

you can find some strange things on the internet


The Equivocalist augmented human nation of the TRHN have developed a laguge based on Solresol, invented on Earth in 1829 by Jean-Francois Sudre. This is a language based on combinations of the Tonic scale "doremifasolatido", which can be sung and spoken, giving them the ability to communicate two diffent messages at the same time,one spoken, the other sung. The Equivocalists call these two messages the voice and countervoice. The custom of the Equivocalist society, however, is that it is normal for each augmented hu to give both sides of any argument at the same time, both thesis and antithesis. Example:

1st individual:

voice "Sophant rights of the individual are paramount."

countervoice "The resposibilities of any individual to society are most important of all."

2nd individual

voice "I agree with you."

countervoice "twerp"

The result is debates are shorter, giving more time for action. These augmented hu are constantly connected to their habitat net, but use Solresol for decision making. It is impolite to say the same thing with both voices except when an extremely important and life threatening subject is being discussed.

Steve Bowers

I love science fiction

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