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Saturday 14 June 2003

DarkStar Sierra: Come in, Come in

Don't ask me what this subject line is. It has something to do with an angry airplane.

JJiCalc now saves and opens files. It's very exciting. Right click (or control-click) on the link and select "save link as" or something similar to that: Tar Gzipped or .sit (Mac!!). These links are compiled only. If you want source, you need to go to Source Forge and then sign up to join the project. Ok, you can donload source without joining. but if you want source, then you ought to want to join. There's no real webpage for the project yet. I need to figure out how to do that. on the one hand, it seems like it's more useful to fix saving and loading files. on the other hand, nobody can sign up to do thigns and fix other stuff if I don't make the page.

Speaking of saving and loading files, I was unable to salvage any of the tuning files that came with the original source. I need tunings! Chromaic tunings. Utonal tunings. Otonal tunings! 7-limit tunings! Dorian tunings! Pythagorian tunings! More tunings that you can shake a stick at!

You (yes you!) could be a contributor. Even if you can't code! Just download the program and then go find some tunings. Eneter the tunings into the program and save them. Then, if you want to join the project, you can check them in. If you don't want to figure out how to join the project, you can mail your tuning files to me and I'll add them with a project with a note that you (yes you!) are the fab person who inputted the tuning. I don't actually have very much tuning knowledge. Very little, actually. Fixing loading and saving files is not increasing my knowledge of tuning, only of file I/O. So, it would be good if people with tuning knowledge did the tuning files part.

tonight is mitch night. I should go practice some bass quitar. reveal yourself to me, i am tacet blue. In the time I spent typing this post, I listened to the evil three songs at least twice, probably three times. How long will it take you to read it?

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