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Wednesday, 9 July 2003

Going to the Chapel and We're Going to get Married!

First things first: the party!

More formal invitations will be forthcoming, but since I need a headcount for food and I don't still have postal addresses for everyone I want to invite (especially Mills folks, but anyone who has moved in the last few years, I may not have a current address for), I have created an Evite "save the date": If you are reading this, you are invited! (unless, like, you're a complete stranger who has stumbled upon this blog or you once murdered my cat out of spite or something...) Please please RSVP!

Not going to Niagra Falls

Ok, so we're going to kind of elope, since the USA is not very nice and won't let us get married, we have to go to Canada. Earlier, we talked of going to Niagra Falls, but same sex couples can't get married there. Technically, it's legal, but the churches there are resisting on moral grounds (which is their right under Canadian law) and justices of the peace quit doing marriages there several years ago for some reason. So no honeymoon in Niagra Falls. We're going to go to Toronto instead, while moving the car and the dog across the country. So the party will actually predate the wedding. We'll probably get married on August 16th. There is a Vegas-type gay wedding chapel just opened where folks can be walked down the aisle by an Elvis impersonator. Some folks might call this "tacky," but they aren't very open-minded. We have no plans actually set, though. Like Vegas, you can go to Toronto and get all the paperword together in an afternoon.

I hope we can get Xena into Canada!. Anyway, the good news is that Toronto was just declared SARS-free! yay! Plans may change again if gay marriage is legalized in some east coast state, where the state supreme court is supossed to issue a ruling in a week or so. Not that we don't love Canada (what's not to love?), but we'd be coming from a stronger legal position (i think) if we got married in the US. Since any legal recognition of our marriage will require litigation, we'll go with the best strategic advantage.

Oh Canada!

did you know that Canada has the only fishery in the world that is not over-fished? Perhaps the most civilized country in the world, Canada also has socialized medicine, unlike the US. In the US, for example, if your college required you to have a checkup and be declared SARS-free by July 15th, you might have to go to an urgent-care center just to get a stupid checkup if you don't have insurance and pay more than $300. And have no idea how to track down your vaccination records from the first year of your life, even though your mom saved them someplace, cuz she can't find them for you now and your dad wouldn't even begin to know things like that. *cough* So I think I might go to the Cupertino walk-in clinic tomorrow, if it still exists, cuz it's walk-in and because they might have my records someplace. It's a long drive (and a long-shot on the records), but any walk-in clininc I can think of in the Oakland/Berkeley area is a bit more chaotic. I need the boring burbs. Or something. Maybe I should just stay home from school, as this is too much trouble.

I need to have less stuff

I'll still have the party of course. Miss Manners says it's impolite for about-to-be-married folks to mention gifts around a wedding, but note that is not the reason that there is no registry. Dyke Action Machine used to have these kind of anti gay marriage ads that said, "I became boring for a blender!" I was already boring. And, conviently, I already have a blender. I have a fondue pot (despite being vegan). I have a toaster. I have an electric mixer. I'm about to move across the country to a small apartment that will Christi will also be living in 2/3 of the time. Anyone who comes bearing a kitchen appliance will be beaten with it and have to take it and one other used appliance home with them.

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