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Wednesday 23 July 2003

Massachusetts Supreme Court Delays Ruling

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Some gay couples in Massachusetts sued, demanding the right to get married. The court is about to decide whether or not to shoot them down, do a Vermont-style wimp-out, or be as cool as Canada. The court was expected to issue a ruling today, something which caused me to obsessively hit reload on Google news, but they did not and nobody knows when they will. Probably during this summer. Might be two days from now. Might be two months from now.


This is exciting because states have to recognize marriages performed in other states. It also strengthens the legal position of those of us who are eloping to Canada. Clinton, the big jerk, signed something called the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), which stated that the federal government would not recognize same sex marriages (SSM) performed here or abroad and that states need not recognize SSMs done in other states. DOMA doesn't hold legal water. At least it shouldn't. Who can predict the rulings of the supreme court of the US? So right-wing assholes (RWA) are running scared and want to ammend the constitution to outlaw SSMs. Ammend the constituion. It's not true that the constitution has never been amended to take away rights. It has been, during that wonderful and highly successful (note: irony) social experiment called prohibition. And it was repealed. But the constitution has never been ammended to take away rights from a special class of peple before. This is equivalent to responding to Brown vs. the Borad of Education or Loving vs. Virginia by ammending the constitution to re-legalize discrimination.

Going Negative

Dean, highly popular democrat, is opossed to gay marriage. Why? I dunno. Maybe gay people are icky. Maybe he doesn't want his daughter marrying one. Maybe we just don't deserve equal rights. Is he in favor of the proposed amendment? Who knows. His stated position certainly agrees with it. Maybe, like Clinton, intern-banging weasel, he would sign on to placate RWAs.


Kucinich, however, supports gay marriage rights. He came in number two in's primary poll, which had more participation than is expected in the real primaies of several states. Kucinich could win. He should win. "Anybody but Bush" is possibly a nice slogan, but . . . no, it's a stupid slogan. There's nothing good about that idea. It means that it would be a good idea to vote for anyone one micron to the left of Bush. Bloated plutocrats are laughing all the way to the bank at the idea. If you have ideals, you should vote those ideals. If you beleive in equal rights, then you should vote for equal rights. If you think that it's nice that Christi and I are getting married, then you should not vote for someone who wants to take away our marriage liscence and stomp on it. You should vote for Kucinich.

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