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Tuesday 29 July 2003

Tennis Roberts and Polly Moller play July 31

Thursday, July 31, 8 pm, $5-10
Polly Moller and Tennis Roberts will be playing (LIVE!) at 21 Grand in Oakland on Thursday, July 31, 8 pm, tickets $5-10.

21 Grand is located at 449B 23rd St, which you can reach by car or by BART. Closest BART station is 19th St. Station. More information on how to get there is at

Tennis Roberts is an improvisatory/absurdist art band. The band consists of Chand Bellur on Drums, Celeste Hutchins on Bass, and Mitch Crane and Ed Kunakemakorn on guitar. ( )

Polly Moller is a performance artist from the San Francisco Bay Area. She combines avant-garde flute playing with poetry and psychedelic art-rock. ( )

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