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Thursday, 21 August 2003

Bank has Paused in Evilness

Another few hours on the phone with the Wells Fargo. More promises. No calls back. Nada. finally, Christi calls again and asks to speak with the manager who says, "I have no idea what the big deal with this is." and put Christi on hold, called the bank from whom the money was coming, ttok christi off hold and said, "all set." She also said that she would try to get all of the bounced checks and other problems erased from our credit record. I have low hopes. My credit is screwed. Do you have a bank you like?

And my Wesleyan email address isn't getting email. And whine whine whine. I went without coffee this morning to conserve cash funds. But the coffee shop was serving peaberry coffee, the most expensive grade. Coffee beans normally grow in the familiar half bean shape on coffee plants encased in coffee cherries. Their grade is determined by how perfect the bean looks. Beans with holes in them are lower grade. they also float higher or lower in water because of air bubbles getting caught in the holes. So there's an easy way to sort them. the very highest grade of coffee is the peaberry. These slightly smaller beans are unfertalized. Bees and other polinators will neglect a cherry here and there and in those cherries a small round bean will form. It looks more like a soybean than a coffee bean, since the shape is round, rather than half bean looking. Peaberries are, due to some genetic condition, 98% cafeine free. It's completely naturally decafinated and that's why they are so valuable. somebody at the local coffee shop thought that it would be really nifty to server very high grade coffee. and so, when we walked in this morning, it was quiet. People dozed at their tables. Christi had a latte and then fell face first onto the newspaper on the table. I explained this to one of the coffee shop guys. He looked very amused. Maybe he thought I was kidding. Maybe they all knew.

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