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Saturday 27 September 2003


Everyone here is much smarter than i am and i have 2791634712364946 things that i'm supossed to do and angela says that this place is "like a spa" compared to her last MFA program (she has a Masters in clarinet performance) and Ron says that if I feel like I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown by fall break, then I'm on schedule for new MFA students. I have to go look up obscure stuff about the hundred years war and i'm a week behind on my supercollider homework and there's a big midterm project for supercollider and there's some big projects in my compositon seminar and i'm suppossed to go to two sessions of a class i "wouldn't normally take" and they have to be the same section of the same class and then i have to write some short thing about it, which isn't too hard except that the profs have the right to refuse me admission, which apparently, they like to do and that's due soon and next week i have to teach the students in the class that i TA how to use digital performer, which i've never really used, except i bought a copy three years ago and don't use it because i HATE it because i can't get it to do anyhting i want it to do, which is not really the best place to be coming from to teach other people to use it and i already feel like i'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown because this is not "like a spa" to me at all, unless you went to a mean spa that stressed you out instead of putting you in a nice hottub or something.

I just got a fantastic offer over email to play a 30 minute set of improv stuff at SUNY.

deep breaths

I spent many hours on the phone with tech support today. my dsl stuff arrived on monday and today i had some time to install it, but there's no phone jacks in my room, so i went to the campus puter store to buy an airport base staion, but they didn't have any and talked me into buying a much cheaper linksys wireless router instead. if i were smart, i would have left as soon as i found out they had no base stations instead of arguing with the manager about whether or not he should sell me the display base station for half price (cheap bastard) and i certainly would not have bought the linksys monstrosity and if i were msart, i would gave given up when it didn't plug and play instead of debugging it and if i were smart, i would NEVER have called tech support, especially not called them back after they explained that macs were unsupported and i had to work out part of the problem for myself and see, if i had these better time management skills, i would have had time to work a half hour set out. maybe i can write an "Unpredictable Music" proggie in super collider and use it as my midterm project and then play it at SUNY.

So if anyone asks how i'm doing, tell them i'm ahead of schedule, according to my advisor.

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