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Monday 29 September 2003

Dulcimer Piece

I have no dynamics (loudness) markings nor do I have pedal markings, nor anything else except notes and rests. Long Version, Short Version. I think the long one may be too long, but the piece isn't over at the short one because the two parts don't line up yet. So I think I have have to do a retrograde or inversion or a retrograde inversion for the second part. Except that the last notes sound very final, so I may need to open with the retrograde inversion. On Wednesday, I'll get feedback on this from Alvin Lucier, so, you know, my time here isn't being wasted by stupid paper and whatnot and even if this piece doesn't draw on anything I didn't know before, well, the feedback will.

I will be playing for a half hour at SUNY Stonybrook on Dec 6th. I'll prolly be doing laptop music (even tho, officially, I hate laptop music) because I'll prolly be playing a project from my SuperCollider class. Now that I have pressure on my projects, I have absolutely no idea what to do. My ideas flew out of my head or don't seem robust enough or whatever. Of course, I could (should?) play several songs, or at least multiple movements during the half hour unless I can somehow create something that evolves over time, so it's changing in an algorythmic way or something. How would you do that? changing notes and rythms here and there, but it would have to be changing in an interesting way, like going from a plainsong kind of thing to Ars Nova to Ars Subiliot. That last word is mispelled. It was an outgrowth of ars Nova that was really popular around the papacy at Avinion, but got dropped when the schism ended, even tho it was more complicated and possibly more interesting. The writer of a book I just read said it was more interesting, but I duno, as I haven't listened to any yet. the scores and recordings section of the library closes at 5:00 pm on saturdays and today I haven't left the house today.

Aaron (the housemate) brought a futon back today, so now there is a place for you to sleep when you come visit. Tell me when you're coming and I promise to buy a second set of sheets! the futon used to belong to Scott Rosenberg who went to Mills as a music student when Christi and I were there. Everyone go hum It's a Small World to yourselves until you go insane.

If I very clearly picture myself getting a package in the mail containing vegan brownies, maybe one will appear. Christi's mom was always sending brownies when Christi was a freshwoman at Mills. Brownies . . . Brownies . . . Brownes on a cold fall day . . .

My CD burner just made a Bad Sound....

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