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Wednesday 10 September 2003

How am I doing?

I can't get my paper to print and I accidentally set up a meeting with a student (for whom I am a TA) at the same time as a class I have tommorrow and I wrote down his first name, but not his email address. It's after midnight and I haven't yet gone to bed. My paper sucks, but it doesn't matter because the printing instructions don't work at all. I could call for help, but I'm tired and helpdesk wasn't very helpful last time I talked to them. Also, I think I may have accidentally deleted all the printer definitions off the computer I'm on right now. I'm a luser. I'm the worst sort of luser: the kind that beleives s/he's a power user.

Maybe they let me into school by accident. some TA in the admissions office was late and confused and dropped my application into the wrong pile or clicked the wrong button on the computer (perhaps because the help files were all incorrect).

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