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Monday 22 September 2003

I have no class

Neely Bruce's wife's aunt died and thus my class this morning was cancelled. (what did you think I meant?

I haven't been posting much lately because I am busy busy busy. Also, since my DSL isn't arriving for five more days (or thereabouts. i'm not sure. i think the phone that tiffany gave me might be broken. either that or i have no working phone jacks), i have to walk to the puter lab to blog and usually i won't go to the lab unless i have a paper to write and i'm so studious that i never wait till the last second, trying futilely to print at 2:00 am. *cough*

Ruth Crawford Seeger was so queer

My paper this week will be about Ruth Crawford Seeger: groovy composer related to Pete Seeger, I think as a step mom. She was so so so queer. Of course, her biographer does convoluted summersaults trying to explain away how Crawford wrote in her diaries that she was burning with desire for Madam whats-her-name. It's clearly a spiritual sort of desire. It means nothing that the thought of getting nookie with her boyfriend repulsed her (the only one by the time she's 20-something) . The close friendship that she formed with a woman right after that, in which she nearly went for the neck and had to ponder "the lesbian question" afterwards in her diary, well, she didn't go for the neck, so she must be STRAIGHT. Yes, she finally married her very critical and evil composition teacher, so she must be STRAIGHT. Bi people don't exist and she's not a lesbian because she married Charles Seeger (and stopped composing and got into his folk song trip instead) so she's STRAIGHT. Pay no attention to the queerness behind the curtain.

If you have to ask "the lesbian question," the answer is probably yes. You're prolly queer. You're a bidyke or you're a homodyke. Don't die wondering. Ect.

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