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Wednesday 1 October 2003

Research for this semester - maybe thesis

Celeste Hutchins
1 October 2003
Research Proposal

I would like to research music from around the last section of the 100 years war. I am specifically interested in music somehow related to Joan of Arc. For instance, after she raised the Siege of Orleans, a mystery play was written in her honor, which has been performed nearly every year since. I don't know anything about the music attached to this play, but would like to find out how much it has changed over time and if early transcriptions are available, so that I can analyze the music. If this music is unavailable, I will instead focus on music she might have heard, including the liturgical music performed at Dom Remy, her local cathedral, or the music played then at Charles' court.

I am interested in this topic because I would like to write a Mass for Joan of Arc (since she's a saint) and eventually an opera and I would like to represent her with music that would have been somehow meaningful to her. I don't know what research has been done on this topic, but I'll be talking with Professor Alden about it. Also, I will be in France over fall break and hopefully will be able to do some research then.

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