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Monday 22 September 2003


Semester Course ID Sec Title Credit Days Start End Location Grade
Fall 03
  MUSC222 01 Computers in Music 1 ..T.R.. 01:10PM 02:30PM RHH003 A-F
         ..T.R.. 12:10PM 01:10PM RHH003 A-F
  MUSC452 01 Javanese Gamelan--Advanced 1 .M..R.. 08:00PM 10:00PM WMH A-F
  MUSC500 01 Graduate Pedagogy .5 Every Other Tuesday 5:00pm 7:00 pm MST 301 CR/U
  MUSC508 01 Grad Seminar In Composition 1 .M..... 09:00AM 12:00PM MST301 A-F
  MUSC510 01 World Music Studies 1 ...W... 09:00AM 12:00PM MST301 A-F
  MUSC530 01 Colloquium .25 ...W... 04:15PM 05:45PM RHH003 CR/U

Plus I TA from noon - 2:30 on tuesday and thursdays and by appointment.

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