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Thursday 4 September 2003

Sick as a dog

The dog has stopped eating. she's sleeping all the time. but she's really happy to see me when i come home. Do dogs get depressed? I'm worried that she might be sick.

Still no computer keyboard.

I tried assembling my front tire, but every time I would put it together, I would hear a hissing sound and then take it back apart and find another hole in it, each one smaller than the previous one which was hissing louder the time before. I think that innertubes ought to be retired (hahaha) after five patches. I'm glad that I have teflon tire thingees to keep this from reoccuring.

I played the gong today in Gamelan. That's the big gong in the back. the english word "gong" comes from the name of that instrument. But it sounds more like BwoooooooOMmmmmmm. Really. I'm going to advanced gamelan tonight and then I will pick whetehr I'm a beginner or advanced.

I'm going to learn to play the Viol or some other fretted string instrument. I dunno how to spell it, but it's pronounced "vile." there's going to be an early music ensemble. I'll be a vile player in it. Hahahaha. sorry. The instrument is not yet built. since it's fretted, a tuning has to be picked for it. Preferably, a tuning that's contemporary with the music being played. No equal temperment. I've leant the prof in charge my copy of the Just Intonation Primer. Later I will indoctorinate her in the was of my Just Intionation Calculator. Muahahahahaha!

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