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Commission Music
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Tuesday, 7 October 2003


didn't do any work all weekend and slept in today and now i'm behind behind behind. a mountain of stuff is about to fall on me.

I can't get supercollider to record my stupid sound samples. all the time spent on that is wasted

Just talked to a second year masters guy who talked about how his relationship of 8 years completely fell apart while he went to wesleyan last year because they were seperated and he was too busy to call frequently or write frequently and they became completely estranged. this was during gamelan. i'm blaming this conversation for why i cannot play any of the music. weeks of practcing and i have not gotten better. i still get lost all the time. i have no idea how to play the instrument i was on tonight. it's only the first piece of music that he gave us. i should have done intro gamelan instead.

To do

  • attend a class on medival monastic architecture and then write up a report on the pedagological methods employed by the teacher. (class is 9:00-10:20. paper is due at 5:00)
  • write an instrument definition for supercollider and mail it to TA (due asap. class is at noon)
  • I have no idea what i should have prepared for the class I TA tomorrow. I haven't done any of the reading in ages. I don't know what I'm supossed to be doing. Maybe my job as a TA is too look decorative so that the students beleive that the tution must be worth it. that class is at 2:30
  • 8:30 PM must call in the OtherMinds Board Meeting
  • Must listen to enough John Zorn to be able to talk intelligently about it (due for class 9:00 AM wed)
  • Need sound samples and handouts for 15 minute talk on just intonation also due for 9:00 am wed class. think i will have to generate them very slowly in the CFA lab with some program that the undergrads in my TA class thing are taking. I actually have no idea how to use the software, but somehow I've been giving them advice on it. No wonder the TA-A is more popular than I am.
  • midterm SuperCollider project is due sometime in the future. need to be able to have SC talk to MOO. For this I need to open an OSC socket in perl. OSC support for Perl is alpha. documentation does not exist.
  • Must talk to early music prof about Joan of Arc mystery play. Must find out if written music exists before fall break
  • compositon seminar wants to know what major work i'm going to analyze. i have no idea. can it be a really old work?
  • Compositon seminar may also require that I have to write a five minute piece. For what instruments? due when?
  • what the heck else is due for that class? I'm so confused. i think an avelanche is looming overhead. the syllabus is no help. I must corner other composers and get the to explain.

i'm supossed to be sleeping right now so i get up on time to look at slides of medival ruins.

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