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Wednesday, 8 October 2003

who is governor?

the suspence is killing me

Other News

the wife

christi really likes her Paris apt (maybe she posted this in her own blog). she called my housemate today and said he should tell me that she loves me. awww. :) She's apparently fighting jetlag. and I'm not supossed to mail her brownies because they'll rot while sitting in customs.

the house

My home away from home now has a futon, so if you want to <subliminal>come visit</subliminal>, there is now a place for you to sleep. Visitors are highly encouraged to first stop by my house in Berkeley and grab a set of queen size sheets before coming (flying out of Oakland is cheep). Don't worry. Although I don't have any queen size sheets here (although I have many sets in Berkley, including a flanel set that Tiffany gave me to use here that I thought I packed, but can't find), I do have a hostel-style sleep sack to put you in. You will have a warm and squishy (but not too squishy) place to sleep.

Bells in France

No, not Belles. For news on Christi, see the wife item. Church Bells in France.

Archeologists have dug up casting molds for medival church bells in France. from these casts, one can tell the height, shape and thickness of the bells. I learned this by chatting with the Monastic Utopia professor. He says that he knows of no reasearch determining the tuning of these bells, nor any sound modelling. (!!!!) I asked Ron about this and he got really excited and told me to go talk to bell makers about materials. It might be that the material is very important for the pitch and tambre (tambre is tone or "color") and that's why nobody has written a paper on it. Or it may be that nobody has thougt about writing a paper on it because the computer modelling is hard, not yet developed, or so new that nobody has yet applied it to this research. I'm strongly hoping that it's the later. I'm hoping that I can create a bell program in SuperCollider that takes archeological measurements and returns a synthesized bell tone. If I can't do that, I hope to be able to at least determine the tuning of the bells.

this is a fantastic research project because once the computer program is written, the project becomes really easy. Just dig through mountains of archeological records to find bell measurements, plug them into the prgram and get results out the other end. and if nobody's done it before, it qualifies as a possible thesis. I can't do it for my final project in supercollider, though, because I need to play my final project at SUNY.


Because of the disasterous Rhode Island nightclub fire last year, the SUNY firemarshall now requires that out-of-state acts submit the names of two contacts who are willing to certify that the act in question does not contain pyrotechnics.

I need to find two people to swear that I don't set things on fire as a part of my laptop music (which has never been peformed). So much for my idea of hooking up heat sensors to giant fireballs.

I'm hoping that I can get Jack Straw to be my one witness and Ron to be my other, since it's going to be a class project.

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