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Commission Music
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Saturday, 22 November 2003


Tonight was the Graduate Composition Seminar concert, officially titled Five Minute Wonders. We all wrote five minute pieces. A lot of people came to hear them. Really a lot. I was impressed.

We started setting up at noon. I finally left the building at about 11:30 pm, after striking. (Striking as in, striking the stage, not as in doing a walkout to protest long hours).

My piece seemed to be well-received. I'll have a recoding of it to post later. I would like to hear it again, perhaps played by a pianist who had more time to practice it.

the second half of the concert was a performance of John Cage's songbooks. It is an extremely silly collection of "songs." I can probably be burned at the stake at Wesleyan for calling it silly. For one of my songs, I was to attack a microphone to my throat and drink cognac. I got concerned about drking cognac without eating immediately beforehand. Fortunately, one of the songs in songs books says eat or drink three things. Jascha made an arrangement with a local pizza place, so that they would deliver pizza during the performance. the pizza delivery guy was actually Neely (the professor in charge)'s grandson.

when the pizza guy came on stage and I handed him cash, the audience was luaghing like crazy. I could barely stop giggling. So I ate some slices of pizza and then sipped my cognac. I had been practicing drinking cognac the last few evenings, with the idea that it would be good to know how to pace myself and build up my tolerance a bit before the concert so as to not be drunk by the end of the performance. So at the end of the performance tonight, I was disturbingly sober.

this problem has sicne been fixed.

tomorrow is a symposium about sacred spaces. Most about medieval christian music. so i'm going to most of it. hopefully it will somehow aid my paper.

speaking of my paper, i realized last night that the dissertation-copy of the play (the one I'm writing about) that I have is in medieval french, instead of modern french. I don't speak modern french either, but i really don't stand a chance with old french. But I have a book out of the library which has it in side-by-side translation into modern french. joy! but that book was due today with no renewals. I knew I had no time to do anything about this. with a heavy heart, I went to plead with the Inter Library Loan office.

I am dedicating my next piece to the ILL office, especially Kate. She told me just to hang onto the book. I've never had a librarian tell me to just let something get overdue. So Sunday, I'll be photocopying all the pages with musical pauses. Fortunately, this is only about 400 pages or so. arg.

I couldn't get a paper today, so i dunno if they printed my letter. i wonder how i would find out?

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