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Monday 24 November 2003

SC final project plan

the plan:

I want to take audio buffers and divide them up into tiny piecves and then play all the pieces sequential, in order, but the pieces themselves are played backwards. then i want to repeat this process several times, with the pieces getting larger every time, until finally the whole buffer is once piece and is played backwards.

the rationale:

The reason for this plan is because I've read that when speech is processed this way, most people do not hear the reversal until the reversed pieces are pretty large, so i hope to slide by the threshhold of people's perception.

the method:

I'm looking at help files for buffers. I will also be looking at the SC2 help file on granular synthesis. I have to write this project in SC3, because the computer that I can use over break is OSX only. My idea for how to do this (note that I am not asking you to respond in any way that would get me a D in the class), is to create an array of integers that represent start (and end) frames, then play them backwards one right after another with an envelope. then the array is recomputed.

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